Thanet Cup Win for the Rams

Ramsgate vs Minster Isle of Thanet Cup

The Isle of Thanet Cup Final was held at the WWMartin Community Stadium with Ramsgate First Team taking on their neighbors Minster FC in front of a great crowd of 400 spectators with many of the crowd being from the younger generations all wanting to watch the first teams new, young signings and this created a certain buzz around the stadium as Mike West led out the Rams and Curt Jordan led out Minster onto the pitch for kick-off. 

The Rams started well and dominant with most of the action being in Minster’s half as Ramsgate was on the attack early with the first shot of the game coming from Alfie Paxman which was just over the crossbar. As the 1st half went on, the Rams were trying to attack as much as possible, but the Minster midfield made it extremely difficult. Suddenly, a run from Joe Ellul into Minster’s half was followed by a pass to Monty Saunders who performed a beautiful cross into the box which was just wide of the post. 

As the game went on, the 2 sides became much more equally sided and made the young supporters on both sides much more passionate as both teams were pushing on the attack. A quick push forward from Minster saw the opposition reach their penalty area but a brilliant slide tackle from Louie Procopi gave possession back to the Rams who pushed onto the counterattack. Excellent skill and quick feet from Harry Lynch meant he made it past the Minster defenders and pulled it back to Rowan Liburd whose shot was narrowly saved by Minster goalkeeper Mag Lewis. 

In the 26th minute, the Rams had another good chance after Tijan Jadama made a terrific run through Minster’s midfielders and laid the ball off to Jack Paxman who shot the ball just over the bar. This led to a quick run forward from Todd Jordan who was then fouled by Jack Paxman and a free kick was given to Minster outside the box. The crowd shouted out of disagreement with the referee as Tristan Jevons from Minster stepped up to take the free kick. He swung the ball to the back post where Freddie Marsh did an excellent dive to push the ball out for a Minster corner. The corner kick came flying towards the goal and was sent over the bar by Tristan Jevons. Freddie Marsh got the game moving again and launched the Rams into a quick counterattack as Benni Bioletti sprinted up the field and gained ground towards the Minster goal but a harsh tackle on Bioletti that was not given for a free kick saw the crowd disagree with the referee’s call once more. This led to Minster taking possession and a dangerous kick near the halfway line from left Freddie Marsh scrambling back to save- luckily for Marsh, the shot was just over the bar. 

The 1st half clock ticked down and quick movements from Tijan Jadama made up ground for the Rams and pushed them onto the attack. A pass from Jadama to Alfie Paxman gave Paxman a shot on goal but was well cleared by Minster captain Curt Jordan.  Both teams kept battling with shots coming from both sides, but none got in the back of the net- there were chances for Jack Paxman and Harry Lynch which were cleared by the Minster defenders and Minster forwards had many good runs but could not seem to get past Louie Procopi. 

All was going quite well for the Rams that was until a handball by Joe Ellul gave Minster a penalty in the 39th minute. The crowd fell silent as they all watched Todd Jordan step up and take the first penalty of the game. He struck the ball, and it flew just past Freddie Marsh’s hand and into the back of the net: 1-0 to Minster. 

The Rams set up for the next kick-off and it took the young crowd who lifted their heads and gave them hope. 

The Rams went back on the attack very quickly and lovely skill from Harry Lynch meant the Rams gained ground in the Minster half. A corner was given to the Rams after a cross was cleared away by the minster defenders. Harry Lynch stepped up to take the corner and swung the ball towards Alfie Paxman who volleyed the ball towards Mag Lewis who managed to save it and clear it away but another strike from Joe Ellul managed to hit the hand of Tom Coyne and a penalty was given to the Rams. There was a cheer from the crowd as Alfie Paxman stepped up to the spot to take the penalty. The lively crowd behind the goal hit the wall to try and throw off the Minster goalie as much as possible. Paxman ran up to the ball and hit it at the goal. The ball bounced off the post and ricocheted into the goal. 

The referee blew his whistle for half-time with the score 1-1 and with the 2nd half still to come, it was anyone’s game. 

Both teams came marching out of the changing rooms, ready for the 2nd half. The spectators got back into their seats and were prepared for an exciting 2nd half. 

The Rams were on the attack quickly from the whistle a cross came flying towards Tijan Jadama whose header was just wide of the post. 

The 2nd half carried on with the sides looking evenly matched but in the 52nd minute, the Rams showed their dominance with a cross from Harry Lynch followed by a shot from the outside of Jack Paxman’s boot that flew into the back of the goal and put the Rams up 2-1 which got an uproar from the crowd. 

Minster kicked off again and the energy from the crowd kept Ram’s spirits high which led to them gaining ground. Bode Anidugbe, who was subbed on for Monty Saunders, got off to a flying start and made good runs up and down the field alongside Harry Lynch. Unfortunately, Harry Lynch got injured after a tackle from a minster defender and was subbed off and Zak Jobe came on. 

In the 66th minute, a corner from Alfie Paxman came flying into Joe Ellul who headed it into the back of the goal and past Minster goalkeeper Mag Lewis. The Rams had managed to come from 1-0 down to go 3-1 up and with less than 25 minutes to play, it seemed to be swinging the Rams’ way. Yet, the Minster did not back down, they pushed on the attack once again, but Louie Procopi managed to stop the Minster forwards once again and Procopi passed it to Benni Bioletti who showed amazing pace down the right-hand side and a great strike from Bioletti just narrowly missed the goal. 

The 2nd half went on and the Rams coaches decided to make some changes to the eleven. Finley Bough came on for Rowan Liburd, Joe Ellul sadly pulled a hamstring, and on came Leo Moore and finally another injury for the Rams as Tijan Jadama had to come off and Tristan Holden goes on. The new players on the pitch certainly changed the game around as their fresh legs ran rings around the Minster defenders. Good drives from Tristan Holden and Zak Jobe meant that the ball got kept in Minster’s half, but a sudden sprint forward from Minster and a powerful strike from Harry Alexander made the crowd go quiet which was then followed by applause from the home fans as the ball swung wide. 

As the Full-time whistle blew, the crowd cheered in delight as Ramsgate had won the game 3-1 and won the Isle of Thanet Cup. The Rams had done it and come from 1-0 down to win the game and to add to Ramsgate’s’ ever-growing trophy cabinet. 

By Sophie Digweed

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