U23 Win Thanet FM Cup

Ramsgate vs Crampton U23 Academy FM cup Match review by Sophie Digweed

This year Ramsgate FC have formed a new U23 men’s side and to prepare them for the new season coming up, the Rams are holding a friendly at their home ground- the WWMartin Community Stadium against Crampton FC, a local rival team from Broadstairs, to prepare for the upcoming league. As Ramsgate captain Leo Todd led his side onto the pitch, the crowd knew this was going to be an exciting and well-fought match; and the players did not disappoint. From the starting whistle, Crampton was on the early attack, however brilliant saves from keeper Freddie Marsh kept the Rams in for a chance of a win. The Rams started to pick up the pace as the first half went on, but the Crampton back line was sitting very high up the field which proved a struggle for the Rams’ strikers. As the 1st half went on, there were good attacks from both teams and the Rams were able to push forward and attack due to their very strong midfield as well as outstanding skill from the number 10, Riley Twyman. In the 32nd minute of the game, there was a controversial decision from the referee when a Crampton player hand-balled in the Ramsgate penalty area. Unfortunately, a penalty was not given to the Rams which led to an uproar from the home supporters as well as more determination from the Rams which lead to a counterattack in the 35th minute and a powerful shot from Thomas Goulette which was narrowly saved by the Crampton goalkeeper. The last kick of half-time came from an attack from the Rams as Monty Saunders pulled it back to Essa Jadama who propelled the ball at the Crampton goalie which was well cleared by a Crampton defender. A strong start from the Rams as they headed to the changing room for half-time, with the score at 0-0. 

The Rams run out on the pitch eager to win in front of their home crowd as they prepare for the kick-off for the 2nd half. The Rams were pushing forward in their formation and were having numerous chances until a Crampton player slipped through Ramsgate’s backline and shot the ball into the back of the Rams net in the 52nd minute. The stadium fell silent as the Rams were visibly stunned at what has happened, commanding skipper Leo Todd to urge his team on and to keep the momentum going. From the next kick-off, the Rams were motivated to get themselves back in the game. A quick attack forward from the Rams followed by an excellent shot which was just tipped over the bar by the Crampton goalkeeper.  As the 2nd half-time clock kept ticking things turned from bad to worse for the Ramsgate side as a free kick on the halfway line was awarded to the Crampton team, resulting in a goal for Crampton in the 62nd Minute. Heartbreak for the Ramsgate fans and players as Crampton’s lead now doubled.

The Rams did not give up for a second as from the kick-off, they push on the attack and run rings around the Crampton defenders. A beautiful cross made by Jack Eteen which was cleared away for a Ramsgate corner. Finley Bough steps up to take the corner and performs a magnificent cross into the box where it pinballs around the area before Leo Todd volleys it into the back of the net.  This created a buzz of excitement and anticipation around the stadium as the race to equalise begins. The 2nd half carries on with there being much more passion from the players and the fans on both teams. Amazing saves from Freddie Marsh kept the Rams in the game and it was near the end of the 2nd half when the Rams made their comeback. A harsh slide tackle from the Crampton goalie inside the box saw a penalty being given to the Rams and sees Harry Sharman step up to take the penalty as the stadium falls quiet. As the referee blew his whistle, Sharman ran up and slid the ball past the Crampton goalkeeper which was followed by an uproar from the home crowd. The Rams had done it and came back from 2-0 down to equalise against Crampton with less than 10 minutes of the 2nd half to spare. Crampton immediately went on the attack again and a free kick was given to them outside the box, the cross came flying towards the goal but was cleared away by the Rams’ defenders. Towards the end of the game, the Rams were on the attack once more as a cross came flying in towards the Crampton goalkeeper from number 19 Finley Bough but was just wide of the post. The Full-time whistle came from the referee with the score being 2-2, leading to a penalty shootout which would determine the winner of this thrilling game. The teams lined up on the halfway line preparing for the shootout to begin. Crampton player George Cook was first to step up to the penalty spot and lined up his shot which hit the crossbar and earned an uproar from the crowd. The Rams were up now, and it was Harry Sharman who stepped up first, hoping to add to his earlier equalizing He ran up to the ball and fired it into the back of the net which was followed by a cheer from his teammates. Crampton was up now for their 2nd penalty as Jack Penny stepped up to the spot and launched the ball at the goal which bounced off the crossbar and into the net. The next Rams players stepped up and it was Tom Brisley who smoothly put it past the Crampton goalkeeper. Jack Hawkins was next for Crampton and shot the ball into the top of the goal narrowly missing Rams’ goalkeeper Freddie Marsh’s fingertips to draw Crampton level with the Rams. Ramsgate’s Finley Bough was next to take a penalty and shot the ball into the bottom right corner of the goal giving the Rams a lead. It was now Crampton’s turn to take their 4th penalty, Dom Crawford lined up his shot and scored to get Crawford back in for a chance to win. Next, Zack Jobe for the Rams scored bottom left and made it look too easy. Lastly, for Crampton, it was Ben Munday who narrowly scored past Freddie Marsh to keep Crampton in the shoot-out. Finally, for Ramsgate, the captain Leo Todd fired it past the goalkeeper into the back of the net and won the game for Ramsgate. This was Ramsgate U23’s first big win and they deserved it; they put in an amazing performance against Crampton FC who put up a good fight against the Rams. The team were thrilled to have brought home another trophy for Ramsgate FC’s silverware collection.

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