Ramsgate 4-1 Bexhill Utd

Rams progress in the FA Cup

Ramsgate vs Bexhill United Match Review by Sophie Digweed

The FA Cup has begun, and the Rams faced Bexhill United in front of a home crowd of over 400 people made up of mostly young children who were all eager to see their favourite players on the pitch and this could be heard around the stadium as Mike West brought out his side from the changing rooms onto the pitch. 

From the kick-off, the Rams were on the attack early, and an early shot from Tijan Jadama deflected off a Bexhill defender for a Rams corner. Alfie Paxman stepped up to take the corner and swung the ball towards the goal where Joe Ellul jumped up and headed the ball into the top right corner of the net giving the Rams a 1-0 lead. The crowd started clapping and waving rattles, pleased with the early start to the game. 

Ellul makes it 1-0 to the Rams
Ellul makes it 1-0 to the Rams

After the kick-off, the Rams did not slow down for a second and they pushed onto the attack once more with a cross from Jack Parter not met by anyone in the box which got a sigh from the crowd. However, at the other end of the pitch, Bexhill were on the counter attack and James Stone slipped past the Ram’s backline and a chip over Tom Hadler went over the bar which got a cheer from the crowd.

The first half carried on and in the 9th minute a great interception by Jordan Green who slipped the ball to Joe Taylor led to a second goal and the Rams had doubled their lead all within the first 10 minutes of the game.

The Rams still pushed onto the attack which led to a controversial decision as Joe Taylor got brought down by the Bexhill defenders just outside the penalty box and got a loud disproval from the home crowd but in the meantime, a free kick was given to Ramsgate outside the penalty area. Alfie Paxman took the free kick and the ball pinballed around Buxton’s box before being cleared away for a Rams’ corner. The corner kick swung into the box but was cleared away, but a follow-up shot by Jack Paxman was well caught by Buxton goalkeeper- Stefanos Akras. 

The Rams remained dominant, and a harsh tackle on Alfie Paxman got the Rams another free kick in a promising spot, just outside Bexhill’s penalty area. Alfie Paxman took the free kick and hit it into the box with an amazing delivery but unfortunately, there was no one at the end of the cross.

The first half went on, and the Rams still looked very strong; Bode Anidugbe made good tackles and maintained possession for the Rams and helped with good linkups to push the Rams onto the attack in the 41st minute. A volley from Alfie Paxman went narrowly over the bar, but even though it did not end up in a goal, the home crowd still applauded Paxman’s efforts.  

In the 43rd minute and the final attack of the game came from Bexhill’s James Stone, who managed to slip through the Rams’ backline and hit the ball into the back of the net to make the score 2-1. As the halftime whistle blew the crowd cheered, happy with the start that the Rams have had and ready to see what the 2nd half has in store. 

The 2nd half began, and the Rams were quickly on the attack followed by a clearance from a Bexhill defender which gave the Rams their first corner of the 2nd half. Alfie Paxman stepped up to the corner and swung the ball just over the box where Bode Andigube effortlessly moved through the Bexhill defenders and shot the ball which was just over the bar which got a roar from the crowd. 

The clock ticked down with the Rams still up by 2-1, and the Rams still looked very much in control of the match; this seemed to annoy Bexhill and the game became a bit aggressive with a yellow card going to Bexhill’s James Stone after arguments with the referee and Bexhill still looked aggressive towards the Rams as Jordan Green was brought down in the penalty area but a penalty was not given to the home side which got an uproar from the crowd. This was followed by another possible penalty not given after Tijan Jadama made a run through the Bexhill defenders and was brought down in the penalty area, the crowd shouted in disagreement. Bexhill pushed onto the counterattack and James Stone ran through the Rams defenders but was luckily offside.

Joe Taylor scores Rams 3rd goal of the day

In the last 10 minutes of the game, a free kick was given to the Rams after a tackle by Sena Aklotsoe. Alfie Paxman took the free kick just outside the box and the ball bounce the bar and the Buxton goalkeeper hit it away before Joe Taylor headed the rebound past the goal line to make the score 3-1. The crowd cheered with rattles and sirens being set off by the home crowd.  

Bexhill goes on the attack straight after the kick-off and a shot from a Bexhill striker narrowly hits the post and the follow-up shot is expertly caught by Tom Hadler, but Hadler’s goalkeeping did not stop there, as in the 84th minute a Bexhill free kick was taken by Jack Shonk after a tackle by Bode Anidugbe. The shot came flying into the box but once again Hadler caught the ball and quickly released it to Benni Bioletti who made a great run up the pitch before being brought down in Bexhill’s penalty area which earnt a penalty for the home side which got a cheer from the crowd. Joe Taylor stepped up to take it, he ran up to the ball and shot it past the Bexhill goalkeeper. The crowd cheered and celebrated as Joe Taylor celebrated his third goal of the game. 

The game finished 4-1 and the home crowd cheered and applauded the amazing result given by the home side as they have beaten Bexhill United in the preliminary round of the FA Cup. The Rams will now move forward in the FA Cup, and it is obvious that the supporters are excited about the upcoming matches the Rams play. 

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